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Material-as-a-service company (MASCO) -
Leverage financing of circular building materials:
an innovative approach to sustainable construction 

The Circular Value Institute is thrilled to share our latest accomplishment—a white paper that elucidates the concept of circular value, the circular value methodology, and a groundbreaking business model featuring a material-as-a-service company (MASCO).


We are happy to have been selected as one of the 10 BluePrintProjects of '23-'24 by the Circular Building Coalition. 

This gave us the opportunity to colaborate with organisations such as Ellen MacArthur Foundation, World Green Building Council, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, Metabolic, Laudes Foundation, Arup and Circle Economy. 

Interested in exploring investment opportunities in materials high in circular value? Eager to gain a deeper understanding of how the circular value of your products can be leveraged?


Find answers to all your questions by
downloading our white paper now!

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