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Spread knowledge on how to  understand, optimize and capitalise the circular value of products. 

The Circular Value Institute is dedicated to researching and disseminating knowledge on circular value, products, and business models.

Our international team of consultants provides comprehensive services, including assessments of existing operations, customized design consultancy for implementing circular strategies, and specialized courses to empower teams with the knowledge and skills needed for excellence in sustainable practices.

Partnering with the Circular Value Institute enables businesses to unlock the full potential of a circular economy, reducing waste, enhancing resource efficiency, and achieving long-term sustainability goals.


Get in touch with your local expert

Curious to learn more about circular value? Need advice on implementing this methodology for your products?


Our local experts specialize in assessing the circular value of your products and providing strategic advice for enhancing it through design alterations to help you realize the full circular potential of your products.

Get in touch with the Circular
Value Institute

Keen on delving deeper into Circular Value? Interested in collaborating on a project? Ready to contribute to the knowledge database of the Circular Value Institute?


Your input is valuable to us –

we look forward to hearing from you!

Join the network of experts

Become a part of the Circular Value Institute and stay informed on the latest developments.


Join our international network of circular experts to share insights, case studies, and collaborate on advancing sustainable practices.

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